Monday, June 23, 2014


Parker:  Cooling off in the 90 degree weather

Reece:  Smiling for the camera, showing off his teeth.

52 Project:  A portrait series of my children, once a week, in 2014

Sunday, June 15, 2014


I have skipped quite a few weeks of this portrait series, some of which I may add retroactively, I haven't decided.  But instead of abandoning it altogether, I'm going to pick up where I would have been and start adding pictures again.  

 Parker has been busy building lately: either trains tracks or lego trains.

52 Project:  A portrait series of my children, once a week, in 2014.

Reece wants to crawl on the grass outside and is no longer content just to stay in your arms.

Happy Father's Day

To two of the very best dads I know

To my wonderful, generous husband who always puts his family first, and who makes us feel loved and appreciated everyday.  As Parker said when I asked him what he liked most about Daddy, "I just like him and love being with him."

And to my own dad and my sons' "Pa".  Thank you for all the sacrifices you made, the love you give freely, and the time and energy you spend on these two little boys.  You are loved!

Friday, May 9, 2014


Reece:  at 7.5 months old, he is so delightful!  He loves to swing in the back yard and is currently crawling around everywhere and pulling up on everything!  How is this happening already?!

52 Project:  A portrait series of my children, once a week, in 2014

Parker:  At 3 years old, Parker is constantly on the move, and he often doesn't want me to take his picture.  Which is fine by me and I don't want to constantly be asking him to smile or stand still for a picture.  So I've got to figure out a way to be more sneaky and subtle I guess.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

little musician

For Parker's first birthday, I bought him a little red piano, accompanied by my own dreams of him loving it.  Well....he was one, so I'll cut him some slack, but he never really got into it.  For the past two years, it's sat in his room and he has occasionally banged around on it.  I've tried playing "Mary Had a Little Lamb" and "Hot Cross Buns" to spark his interest, but to no avail.

However, Reece seems to feel differently.  Ever since my Dad told me that the piano seemed to calm Reece down when he was fussy (a trick he learned while babysitting the two boys), I brought the piano into our living room and sat Reece down in front of it.  He knew exactly what to do.

We'll show this picture at his recital when he's older :)

Seriously, I'm just glad it's getting some use.  And of course, not to be outdone by his younger brother, Parker has shown more interest in it too.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


52 Project:  A portrait series of my children, once a week, during 2014.

Reece:  Eating sweet potatoes for dinner.  He seems to enjoy everything he tries, food wise at least.

Parker:  Decked out in his Georgia gear, waiting for Pa to come visit.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Thinking about happiness

The dogwood blooms in our front yard
The past few weeks have been....well, challenging.  We (this family) are all adjusting to different work loads and ever evolving schedules on top of the usual "life stuff" like Dr. appointments, getting to know a new babysitter, car tune ups, and getting over seasonal colds.  There have been wonderful moments and there have been very, very difficult ones.  But that's life isn't it?

Have you read or seen this quote by Hugh Mackay, a social researcher and author?

"I actually attack the concept of happiness.  The idea that- I don't mind people being happy - but the idea that everything we do is part of the pursuit of happiness seems to me a really dangerous idea and has led to a contemporary disease in Western society, which is fear of sadness.  It's a really odd thing that we're now seeing people saying "write down 3 things that made you happy today before you go to sleep", and "cheer up" and "happiness is your birthright" and so on.  We're kind of teaching our kids that happiness is the default position - it's rubbish.  Wholeness is what we ought to be striving for and part of that is sadness, disappointment, frustration, failure; all of those things which make us who we are.  Happiness and victory and fulfillment are nice little things that also happen to us, but they don't teach us much.  Everyone says we grow through pain and then as soon as they experience pain they say "Quick! Move on! Cheer up!" I'd like just for a year to have a moratorium on the word "happiness" and to replace it with "wholeness".  Ask yourself "is this contribuiting to my wholeness?" and if you're having a bad day, it is."

There are times when I want so badly for my children to have days of perfection; when the crying, temper tantrums, discipline, and whining seem too much to bear.  This quote reminds me that it's OK, it's ok to not be happy all the time, it's ok to be frustrated, mad, and bored, and it's ok for my children to experience these things.  It does not make me a bad parent or bad mother (which seems to be an ever-present fear these days).

And so we are all learning, all the time, trying to live whole-heartedly.  I have been challenged so much recently to love, to forgive, to serve, to laugh, to prioritize, to let things go.  How lucky am I?